Friday, February 1, 2008

A better day

Well after waiting since yesterday morning for CVS to get my medication I picked it up this afternoon. I took the terbutaline and within about twenty minutes the contractions spaced to about twenty minutes!!! I am so relieved. THe medication makes me feel kind of light headed and makes my heart race but if it keeps my little Sophia inside and cooking for a few more months then it is worth it. I can't believe I am 29wks today!!! This is the exact day taht I went in to labor with Sam and ended up on bedrest. And although these contractions have definitely be scary I am so thankful that BEDREST (strict anyways) has not even been mentioned. I don't think I could deal with that. It is hard enough to try and take it easy with Sam.
He is such a joy to me. He is speaking so much now. I forget how behind he was sometimes. He is starting to say two to three words at a time, and is saying longer words such as noodle, outside, apple, and honey.

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Nathali said...

Sammy is sooo cute!!! I really hope Sophie will bake a little longer. Just try to take it easy!! Stress doesn't help. I had my FFN test at 23 weeks which was negative and had my baby a few days later. So like you said, they are not always accurate...