Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snow baby

Well it is still WINTER!!! I am tired of it, although if it was beautiful outside it would be a lot harder to sit on the couch or lay in bed. This bedrest thing is really getting old. Thankfully I have had friends and family coming over every day taking care of Sammy and I. People have been bringing meals, and helping with housework and taking care of us. I am so bored and frustrated with all of this. Mom was over for the day today. Thank goodness for Meme's, she took my little bug outside to play and he loved it, like father liek son.:) My friend Sara was also over so she took pictures for me (and you to see)

I am doing okay although more frustrated by the day. The doctor's still don't really have a clue as to what is going on. I am still waiting for more lab results to come back. My wonderful regular doctor called last night to check and see how I was. She is so great, to take time jsut to check on us. I told her my most recent lab results and she was impressed/surprised at them, so that is good. She also eased my mind and explained some of the other tests that they are doing. Well that is about all for now. I will keep you posted, since I can't do anything but sit aroudn anyways:) This is getting really old, anybody know anything fun to do when you can't get out of bed, you have a headache, and you would rather be crawling aroudn on the floor with your son?

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