Thursday, February 7, 2008

Almost 30wks!!

Well we have had a busy week as usual. But it has been a good week. Sammy's transfusion went well, they only had to try to attempt the IV twice which was much better than the eight times that it took last time. Even everyone there was anxious. But it went well.
I had my doctors appointment yesterday and everything is looking good on that front too. I had another negative fetal fibrinectin test. That buys another nine days. So I will at least be 30+weeks. My cervix is coming forward a lot more, but hopefully that means nothing. It hasn't opened anymore. I am feeling so much better, I think slowing down and not trying to do absolutely everything and asking for more help has been extremely beneficial.
I miss working with the twins but I think for the sake of this baby it has been a good change. I am hoping to see them soon though. The hospital has been crazy which has started the contractions coming stronger at times, but the night time supervisors have been really good in coming to help and let me rest if needed. So all in all we are so blessed:)

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