Wednesday, February 23, 2011

IVIG, sickness, and friends

Few busy week as usual. IVIG went fabulously well on sunday evening! They got the IV in on the first try, and everything went so smoothly. He did awesome. And we had great nurses.
Monday Soph was sick again:-( Not sure what is going on with this crazy bug. We had had four days since she had vomited and then she started again. I did hear that that is how it happened with my mom too though. I also was vomiting on monday and a wonderful friend stopped with crackers and gingerale. The kids love gingerale.:-)
Yesterday we didn't do a whole lot. Hung out here, did some cleaning. Denise, Dasanee and Danay came over so the big kids all got to play. Matt's parents came over and watched the kiddos last night so we could go to a bible study. Sam was screaming like crazy when we were trying to leave, we had to peel him off me. It breaks my heart when he does that. It has happened maybe three times in his life so when it does it certainly gets my attention. He had a great time and was fine after we left.
Today we are going to a friend's house so the kids can play and then she is watching them when I go to physical therapy.
Again this week I am so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful supportive people. They make themselves available and are so helpful and kind and compassionate. I am so incredibly blessed.

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