Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This past weekend Matt and I took the kiddos apple picking. That is one wonderful thing about living in New England. WE have gone apple picking every year since Sam has been born. Each year we have taken a picture with the apple basket as well. And this year we BOUGHT the basket:-)
Sammy has been doing well. He has been having blood in his stools, not visible but just positive when they test it. He has the dark circles/bags which is usually a tell tale sign that something is up, but I am praying that it is nothing. I am kind of frustrated with MGH as we were told that we would have the biopsy results last tuesday, and here it is more than a week later and we still don't have them:-( I keep calling but haven't gotten any response yet.
My back has continued to be bothersome. I am not sure what the plan will be from here. The MRI did show that I have a tear in one of my lumbar discs, as well as some bulging discs, and some swelling around one of the joints. I have read a little on the internet about this and have found some articles stating that this type of injury takes about 18months to heal, I am praying that this will not be the case:-(
Stay tuned, tomorrow I will be posting pics from Sammy's first day of preschool!!! I can't believe we are going to school now:-)

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