Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sammy update

Hmm, totally baffled with my little guy. He had a horrible night last night. Had to use the albuterol more than every 4 hrs. He was coughing almost continuously. The med didn't seem to help him as much either. I gave him the albuterol around 4am and until five he was doing horribly, but then at five he started to do better and was able to finally sleep.
I had a class today so was gone all day. But in talking with Matt this evening before they came home realized that he had been doing the med frequently too. I got anxious but unfortuntately the doctors office was already closed. I of course didn't want to bring him to the ER with the risk of germs and all. So I called pedi and asked if I could bring him up for them to check his oxygen level and stuff. The O2 level was good, but they thought that they heard some coarse sounds! Agghh, no fever no mucous or anything else. Hmm, then went and had one more pedi nurse listen because I didn't hear any coarse sounds, and either did she. Phew!! But all that to say who knows what is goin on with him and I will most certainly be making a trip to the doctor office first thing in the AM, as long as we don't end up in the ER during the night. Say some prayers please!!!


Nathali said...

Hope Sammy will feel better!!!
Sophia is getting so big!!! They are so cute!!!
Are they getting along? Or does Sammy get jealous sometimes?

tiff said...

Hope Sammy is feeling better soon and you can both rest easy for the night.