Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

My beautiful girl applauding herself for sitting on the stage like a big girl

I know I am partial, but could these two
possibly be any cuter?

Dasanee and Sophia: Meme's girls

All of the Moore Family Grandkids

My brother and sisters (we miss you DJ, wish you were here with us!)

Playing Games with Meme'

The egg hunt...

What a day! We celebrated the resurrection of our Lord today by going to church and then to Matt's aunts and then my mom's. Did I mention it was a busy day!!!! The kids are exhausted. Sam hasn't been sleeping well, am thinking he is having some type of bronchospasm but am not sure why. Has never had any type of asthmatic type symptoms or any respiratory illnesses other than colds. But he has been having these coughing fits, spells of difficulty catching his breath for a couple of weeks now. Came to a head last night with significant difficulty breathing. Anyways we will have to get that evaluated this week.
Church was great, large crowds, very busy but wonderful. Then to MAtt's aunt and uncles for a wonderful meal, the kids were kind of difficult to contain but did ok. Then on to mom's for the easter egg hunt and dessert. She also played games with the kids which is so fun for them.

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