Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GI tomorrow

Well it is starting to look like they are really questioning Sophia's muscle strength in her mouth as well as maybe the actual structure of her mouth. We are awaiting the schedule of some new testing they want to do. They are hoping to get her in next week. ALWAYS something it would seem. She actually has gained some weight which I am thrilled about, however the problem is her eating has gotten worse, she is actually nursing more again. I am not sure what I should do with her, being Failure to Thrive and all, do I just nurse her because she wants and is willing to, or do I force her to eat? I wish there was a book that would tell me exactly what I could do to help her grow. WE go see the GI doc at Children's tomorrow and will find out other testing that they want to do besides the barium ones.
Sam continues to complain intermittently that he is "very sick", he actually was complaining yesterday of stomachache, but today has been more generalized again. Had a low grade temp and didn't really eat well today. He is so cute though, was asking to go to Children's Hospital to "make me feel better" Isn't that crazy? He actually seems to understand that the IVIG actually helps him even though he is only 2.5yrs.
In other news, I entered both of the kids in the Parents Magazine Cover photo contest. They would end up being on the front cover if they won,and then there would be a ten thousand dollar monetary reward. There are thousands of entries but if you would like to vote for us we would love it...
You can vote for both as they are in two different age categories, and I think you can vote more than once. Thanks so much. These are some of the pics that I used for the contest....

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