Sunday, April 19, 2009


What a few days it has been! We have had lots of fun, but been so busy. Between birthday parties, getting stuck in the mud, broken cars etc. Phew!!! Saturday Matt took the kids to give me some time to myself. So I decided to go to Wal-Mart. I got my stuff, came outside stuck the key inside the door and I heard this cracking noise. With a sinking heart I realized that I had just busted the car key in the door!!! I couldn't even begin to think how upset MAtt would be, and was dreading telling him. I did, and initially he wasn't happy. But by the time he got home he grabbed me in his arms and said that I was still his wife and his bride, and that he loved me! Phew!!! He and his father were able to fix the car too.
The kids are doing ok. Sam feels like crap I think, and has been quite whiny and miserable off and on. Today he said "mommy I am so sick." To which I replied "Why Sammy what;s wrong/" And he said "Everything hurts." Poor kid, what do I do for that? It is a few more weeks before they test his IgG levels, but if he is already starting to feel crummy....
Sophia seems to be messing with her ears again:-( Hopefully it is nothing. We see the doctor on tuesday for a follow up anyway. We will also see the GI doctor on thursday. Not to mention appointments we have on monday and friday too. Busy week.

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tiff said...

hope everyone is okay. It's awful when they have those aches and pains and you just don't know what to do for them, isn't it? Ivy is going through that at the moment (meltdown week has now become meltdown fortnight).

Thinking of you.