Thursday, April 23, 2009

GI update

Sophia and I went and saw the GI doctor today. He was not happy with her weight and she actually is down 7 ounces again:-( Aggghh! She weighed 17lb 7oz. He started her on a medication that they give to anorexic people that is supposed to stimulate her appetite. We should be able to get it from the pharmacy tomorrow I think. He also wants to increase her pediasure to 2 cans a day. I am just praying that the insurance will cover it because we truly can't afford to pay for it.
Her OT came today and has now recommended that we do a barium swallow so that is in our future too. We will have a swallowing specialist come next week to evaluate her whole swallowing process. I wonder if that will tell us anything????
Auntie Chantal got this little onesie for her when she was born thinking it would fit her LAST YEAR!!!! And she has adjusted to the new carseat and loves it as you can see

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