Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for "MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASERS" If you have a child you should invest in these amazingly cheap and wonderful creations. So far in my house they have cleaned the normal typical things, but then they have cleaned the toddler things: pen on the wall and tub, crayons on the fridge, and now today A SHARPIE PERMANENT MARKER all over my hardwood floors. I tried other things to get it off first and then MAtt suggested the mister clean, and it came up. FANTASTIC! He would have been livid if I didn't get it clean. Anyways if you haven't tried them you should. They clean mold, mildew, cars, walls, floors, tiles, etc etc etc. And did I mention they are cheap? Yup, I'm sold and you should be too:-)

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auntie katie said...

we use those in my ugandan house too. thank you Jesus for the simple things designed just for us mommies!

thanks for reading!