Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boston Children's

Well today was the day of Sam's transfusion. Traffic was terrible on the way in but we got there safe and sound. We went to the private room (they are so good to us there, as they know I breastfeed) and were just chit chatting with Kadeisha and playing with the toys. The nurse was in the doorway and as soon as Sam saw her he started crying and asking me to hold him. Poor guy. So against my better judgement I let this nurse TRY to get an IV in, and of course she didn't and while she was trying she was just digging around in there and it was really hurting him. I know how much that hurts. This is the same nurse that attempted twice last month and didn't get him. So one of our favorites came and got it in on her first try. But the poor kid... The clowns came today: Dr MalAdjusted and Nurse Esther. THey had us cracking up. Sam got to do a little craft project with Kadeisha the child life specialist. Have I said how much we love her?!?!? WE love you Kadeisha:-)

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mabutlaleb said...

The poor little guy! I hope that he will feel better soon! I will continue to keep him in my prayers! I hope the little one is growing well!! All our best!