Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sammy update

Well we went to Children's today for the new specialist. We didn't see the one we were supposed to see, the one that came highly recommended. So at first I was annoyed, but then met the new doctor who seems to know his stuff. He was EXTREMELY thorough, so I believe that God had this planned for us. He knew we had to see this guy instead of the origional one. So after spending quite a while asking me questions from my pregnancy through the present, he explained so much to me and answered all my questions. So he is wondering if Sam has meckel's diverticulum. Which if that is the case, it means a surgery but it is a laparascopic surgery and essentially an easy fix. So we go back monday for a nuclear scan, which aparently they put in some dye with a special marker that will highlight the messed up part. So they would know exactly where it is. All in all a good visit. I will update more later, but for now I am off to work. Thanks for your continued prayers for my little guy.

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