Friday, October 3, 2008

Red Apple Farm

Jacob and Sam

Sophia's first pumpkin

My girl and I

Uncle Tim and Daddy "showing us how to make apple juice" on the rocks!!

The 5 Weber grandchildren

We had such a blast today. Matt and the kids and I went with Tim and Tracy and their kids to the Red Apple Farm. It was so much fun. THe cousins love being together. We got lots of apples and they are delicious. It was a beautiful day although very chilly. I was disappointed as we have gone every year since Sam was born and used an apple basket to show his growth but this year they don't have the baskets any more. Here are the older pictures and then the new ones

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mabutlaleb said...

Look at you and your precious family! Lifr truly is a gift from God! Each and every day he gives us one more reason to be thankful! God bless you and your family!