Monday, May 3, 2010

Mass General

Keegan's dad Bob reading to the boys:-)

We came in today for Sam's CT angio-gram. All went well. The nurses couldn't believe how good he was. He said "ow ow ow" when they put this HUGE IV catheter in him, but didn't pull away or squirm or anything. Then we went in to the CT room where everyone kept saying how cute he was. They told him he was going to see a laser show and he was thrilled. :-) Certainly is all boy! So they then rapidly infuse the contrast into the IV and scan his abdomen to see if they could see any of those Arterio-venus malformations. The staff here were all wonderful and so kind. I even had to call because I got lost 3 times while I was trying to get there, and they were apologetic and trying to be so helpful trying to get me unlost. Got to love those crazy Boston roads.
After the CT we got to go over to see Sam's friend Keegan. He has been so excited about this. Unfortunately Sam seems to be coming down with something. Last night about 11pm or so he started coughing with increasing frequency and intesity. So we are here at Keegan's and the boys are having fun playing, although I think they both are over tired and a little bit cranky. Can you believe it I only got one picture this time?
Tomorrow Sam and I will head back into MGH to see the Coordinated Care Clinic and GI. I am praying that they will have the results of the CT angiogram so that we can have a plan to stop this poor boy of mine from suffering.
Miss Sophia is having a sleep over at Miss Savannah's house, so a special thank you goes out to Ivan and Dana for allowing her to stay the night.

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