Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lake Dennison




Splashing each other! The water was so cold I still can't believe that they did this.

The super star pose

After Sam's bloody stool on friday he has been acting much more like himself with lots more energy and is also starting to eat better. WE were fortunate enough to be able to go over Dana and Ivan's after church today and had an amazing time. It is so nice to have "couple friends", Matt and I get along so well with them, and we keep joking that someday Sam and Savannah will get married.:-) And now Dana is expecting again as well, and she is expecing a little boy, maybe a friend for Sophia:-) Thanks Dana and Ivan for a wonderful day!!! Tomorrow we go into MGH for a CT angiogram. They are going to be looking for that arteriovenous malformation. They will have to place an IV and inject contrast. Please pray for Sam as he goes through this tomorrow.

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