Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday at Childrens

Our friend Khadeisha from the Transfusion center came to see us while we were here

Getting ready to head home

Sam was scheduled to go to the OR at 0930, I think we went down there around 0915 or so but then didn't actually go to the OR until like 10:15 or so. They took his hospital bed down there and so I rode in the bed with him because he was scared. I actually went into the OR with him and stayed with him until he was unconscious. I don't know if I could do that again. Although I knew that he would get limp in my arms and that his eyes would roll back in his head, it was still quite a disturbing thing to see that happen to your own child. I cried. He was so amazing in the OR. They were having him blow in the anesthesia mask, and even as he was getting sleepy he kept trying so hard to blow in it. It took a little over an hour and then we got to go to him in the recovery room. He looked so little and pitiful. The medication made him look brite red in his face except around his mouth was very pale. He was trying to eat a popsicle when he was in recovery but didn't quite have the coordination back at first. These are pictures from when we got back to our room. We had to stay for a few more hours after so they could monitor him. Then we gave him a bath and headed for home.

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Nathali said...

He is such an amazing little boy!!!