Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6months well child check

Wow my baby girl is six months already. I can't believe it. What a wonderful journey we are travelling with her. I am so blessed and so thankful for her. We had her appt today and of course she got the three shots. The poor little thing screamed this terrible high pitched cry while they stuck her and then as soon as I picked her up she stopped. The nurses were like "wow she's good." I made the mistake of bringing Sammy with me today and he saw her get the shots. It was very upsetting to him, and he kept saying "sister get boo boo too." THat is one of the first things he told Matt about when Matt got home.
Anyways my little tiny peanut is 12lb 11oz and is 25inches long. She is in the fourth percentile. I guess we just make them little. Although at the same age Sam was 15lb 11oz. The doctor was a little concerned with her size and will keep an eye on it but other than that she was pleased with everything. She was happy to see how much trunk control Sophia has and how alert she was. She said we can wait another month to really start the food so that is relief to me. She felt bad that I was pushing the food because of her recommendation, and told me several times that it is okay if she is small as long as she continues to grow. So she said to just try it when I feel like it.
I also used this opportunity to talk about Sam. I brought a sample of this mornings stool with us and it had lots of blood in it:-( I told her what has been happening the last few days. She is actually going to make a call to UMass hospital to have someone totally new, totally different review his case to see if they get any new ideas. She will let me know tomorrow or thursday when we need to go there. In the mean time please continue to keep Sam in your prayers.

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