Thursday, September 18, 2008

6months old

Can you believe it? My girl is six months already. She is 12lb2oz on our scale, the official six month weight will be next week. She can roll from her stomach to her back when she angry (HATES being on her belly), she likes to sit up and hold on to things. She LOVES her brother and is often heard laughing squeeling whenever he is around. She continues to nurse every 2-3hrs during the day but is sleeping through the night so I don't mind. Feeding her food is going terribly but maybe eventually she will like the spoon. Her favorite toys are her big brother Sam, her binkies, and anything crinkly. She still has very little hair but it is slowly coming in. She has no teeth, her eyes still seem to be changing, some days look green, blue, hazel or even like a purple color. She is such a tremendous blessing and I am thoroughly loving being her momma. She is also now doing the raspberry sound and making gurgling noise as well as MMMMMAAAAA, which is so cute.

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