Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rough Day

Today was Sam's transfusion at CHildren's. This was the toughest day we have had in quite a while. It took three times to get the IV and he was crying the whole time. I don't think he was feeling well today and was running a low grade temp or that is at least how he felt. He was quite subdued. He kept saying "Ouch Mommy" And looking at me to make them stop. It was breaking my heart. How do you deal with that. Your child looking at you with tears in their eyes saying Ouch mommy and wanting you to hold them, and you just don't pick him up or comfort him, you just allow them to keep hurting them. IT WAS A BAD DAY!!!!
On a better note the biopsy results came back normal. Praise God!!! The doctor talked about putting Sam on long term antibiotic therapy and a variety of meds to help with the stooling but I am leary of doing that. I want to talk to his primary and see what she thinks. We also have an appointment with the motility specialist next month so maybe I should wait to talk to them?
Alright for all you mommys out there: HOW DO I GET SOPHIA TO EAT?!?!?!? I have been giving her cereal for over a month now on a daily basis and all she does is cry, I have tried all the types of cereal, made with breast milk, formula and even water, warm and cool. I have tried all the vegetables and some fruits and all she does is cry. What do I do???? I am so frustrated and any advice would be welcome. Today I was dipping her pacifier in the food and then letting her suck on the paci that worked but that is RIDICULOUS!!! Help please


Niki said...

So glad to hear about the biopsy results! Being a parent isn't easy is it?? When things like that happen, I just keep thinking about God and Mary when Jesus was being beaten and crucifed. How could they bear it? ABout Sohphia - I skpped the cereal. Braeden didn't like it so I gave up. We are still doing veggies. I haven't given him any fruit yet. I would just keep trying. One day she should find something she likes. You could try a different brand of food or maybe make your own. I know sometimes it takes some time. I didn't start either boy on any solid food until after 6 months old. You could wait a bit and try again?? Happy mommying!

MaryBeth said...

Congrats... praising God with you all that the biopsy results were normal!!

My oldest was a champion nurser, and she was all but impossible to feed "real food" to until she was around 7.5 months old. I tried cereal, fruit, veggies, you name it. Then I just stopped and decided that since she was growing fine on breast milk that she could just continue. Two weeks after the first frustrating attempts we tried again with bananas... real ones mashed up- not the Gerber kind, and she really liked it. Feeding was always a challenge with her though until she could do it herself... she is such an independent little booger.

Sorry to have written a book... if you'd like more suggestions on the whole feeding thing I'd be happy to email you some!