Thursday, September 4, 2008

Children's Hospital

Pictures from when we first arrived

The calm before all the poking and prodding started

All went well at the hospital. He is a trooper as always. All the nurses couldn't believe how good he was. He didn't really cry when they put the IV in and he cried just a little bit when they put the NG tube in. They said they had never had one go in so good/easy before. The GI doctor told us before the procedure that he was hoping to find nothing in there, and that this is just chronic diarrhea that we are just going to have to deal with. After he came out of the OR he said that everything looked okay, that there was no allergic or inflammatory process going on, but that he sent several biopsies and we will have to wait about a week for the results.
Sam did fantastic. He kept asking to go home, and fussing at times, wanting his sister or whatever but did really well. He cried when Mom took Sophia and cried when it was time to go to bed on thursday night. He woke up practically hourly that night. Poor guy, ended up have more than a liter of fluid in his belly, his belly got all distended and hard. He basically then just exploded out both ends.
EVERYONE at Children's was fantastic. I feel so blessed to have them so close by. All of the nurses went out of their way to help take care of us and keep Sam as comfortable as possible. One of them went to take out his NG-tube and becuase he said Ouch she just couldn't do it. She said they could take it out when he went to the OR. She said she just couldn't hurt him.
The room we stayed in had a fridge (which wasn't great for Sam, since I couldn't feed him anything and he kept looking inside) but it worked for me to store my milk for Sophia. It also had a small little tub that he took a bath in just before we left. He smelled terrible from several exploding poopy diapers. YUCK!!!!
So now we just wait for the biopsies to come back and we have another appointment with a special type of GI doctor called a motility specialist or something like that in october.

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