Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well since last week when I stopped giving Sam milk to drink his stools have become firmer and less frequent. Although this evening they have been loose again, I am wondering if that is just because he had some extra juice today. Hoping that tomorrow they are firmer again. I spoke with his primary care doctor today. She is going to send us to some more specialists, exactly who I will find out tomorrow. She is also contacting his immunologist herself tomorrow to see what he thinks. Her thought is that if they want to actually do testing for a milk allergy that he would have to wait on getting the gammaglobulin, because after getting that his reaction could be caused from something in the gammaglobulin from the donors. So now I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do I just stop giving him dairy and hope this gets better? Do I risk him not getting the gammaglobulin at this time of year and risk him getting sick? I just don't know.... Please continue to pray for him.
The other issue is that Sam has had a few random fevers again. I don't usually medicate them except when he is feeling terrible. So I got to thinking today, if he has a GI bleed then I shouldn't be giving him motrin, and since his LFT's are elevated I shouldn't give him tylenol. GREAT?!?! Now what?
I have NO pictures of him today. He was so busy at the park they all came out blurry. So here is one of miss Sophia, because as my friend says she is in the "ploppable phase", a phase I will miss greatly when she is running around like her big brother. Can you believe how big she is? She can sit on her own for a few minutes at a time already

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