Saturday, December 1, 2007

Being a mom

After reading Stephanie's post today,, I feel compelled to say this, being a mom is a blessing, whether our children have complications or not, and although we all want our children to be healthy, what is important is that they know that they are loved and appreciated and that they are happy. It is frustrating to hear that mom's that have made decisions about saving their child's life may regret that decision due to the child's disabilities, what about loving unconditionally, none of us are guaranteed that our child will be healthy and have no complications no matter what gestational age they are. There may be times when resusitation is not the best decision, but I certainly don't feel that all babies born at a certain gestation should be lumped together to make that decison. Enough said!
In other exciting news, Matt was on his way home yesterday and he hit a deer, thankfully he is okay, but the car and the deer are a different story. The car is still drivable (barely) but what a mess. As long as MAtt is okay that is what is important.
In Sammy news he still appears to be fighting something and I can't quite put my finger on it. Still running a temp, still irritable at times, and sleeping much more than usual, too bad it wasn't at night:) Hopefully he will be feeling better soon. We don't have another transfusion for another couple of weeks so I am not sure what is going to happen.
I spoke with Dennis today, he is techinically still in Iraq, but has left his origional camp and will hopefully be in Kuwait by the end of the week. He should then be leaving Kuwait to come to the US on the tenth.

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