Thursday, November 29, 2007

A baby girl!!!

Well we had our ultrasound yesterday. I am measuring exactly to the day of where I should be. This is so exciting to me because with Sam I always measured two to three weeks smaller than he should have been. So we knew he was going to be small. This baby measures exactly to me due date. Everything looked good, all the organs and bones everything was growing and working appropriately from what they could determine. They couldn't see the cardiac outflow track, but they couldn't see that with Sam either and it just means we get to have another ultrasound in a few weeks when SHE gets bigger. Yup, thats right it is a GIRL!!!
I am in shock still. I can't believe it. For some reason I was really thinking it was a boy, not that it really mattered, because really all we want is full term, healthy and FAT:) But when she ever said it was a girl, I was stunned. What a beautiful blessing, we will have a girl and a boy. I had been on the fence about finding out and then when the temptation was there, and knowing that Matt and my mom and so many others really wanted to know, I just couldn't help myself. WE got the most beautiful pictures from the ultrasound too. They gave us five, and then we will get some more next time. We don't have quite the same amt as with Sam, (14 I think) but it is nice to have some for her to. Now we get to think PINK. It will be so different looking at the girl things. I have been so used to the blue and the rough and tumble. It will be fun to pick pink and baby dolls. I wonder what she will look like, if she will be bald like Sammy was, or if she will have blond or dark hair? I wonder if she will have blue or brown eyes? Oh, this is so exciting. Now let the name game begin:)
I am getting so excited as my brothers will be home in just a few more weeks. My mom has the coolest idea. Each day until Dennis comes home we are putting a yellow ribbon on a different tree by my mom's house. It is nice to be doing something to do a count down, it will be nice for him to see too. We are all taking turns with the ribbons. He is supposed to be leaving Iraq tomorrow after 14months! Please pray for safe travel for him.