Friday, December 28, 2007

6Mo. preggo and We got GERMIES:(

Well officially Sammy and I are quite miserable. I have been feeling kind of cruddy for a few days. I called the doctor and they had me come in and determined that I was pretty dehydrated. I already knew that considering I hadn't gone pee in more than 24hrs, but I just kept thinking that I could get over this rotten bug without going to see the doc. SHe was concerned as the babies heart rate was quite fast, and she thought she was getting stressed from me being dehydrated as well. She also wasn't too happy to hear that I had had some cramping last evening, but I am still under the belief that it was just because of an upset stomach which is why I went in and saw her. Well at least this time they got the IV in on the second try instead of me being stuck a million times. I feel a little better after the IV fluids, and am hoping that it was enough to get me over the hump of this bug. Poor Sammy has a rotten cold and is just miserable. It is a little strange as he is acting like he is sick without a lot of symptoms. I guess that is thanks to to the IV IG, I am so thankful he isn't exhibiting all the symptoms, but it is also strange because he is so crabby. Hopefully neither of us swap the GERMIES and give each other the other bug. Thankfully MAtt has avoided both of these things and has been taking care of both of us. Please pray for a quick recovery for all. Enjoy this pic from last week of my little snow baby:)

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