Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The long awaited day has finally arrived! I got a call from Dennis this morning saying that he was in Germany and that he would be in Bangor sometime in the evening. So I called mom and we decided to make the trip. Mom, Denise, Deanna, Doreen, Dasanee, Davion, and I made the trip. We left around one in the afternoon, and made it to Bangor in just over five hours. As we were pulling in to Bangor International Airport, mom's friend called to say that the plane has landed but the soldiers had not gotten off yet. We were so excited. So we run through the airport like a bunch of crazy people, and we are scanning hundreds of soldiers dressed identically for that much beloved face, and then we saw him! What a wonderful time we had. Mom had made some brownies and a support group for soldiers had sent some lolly pops, so Davion had handed them out to the soldiers. Some of them gave him money and others gave them badges and pins that they had had on their uniforms. And Dasanee found a woman who looked like her great grammie Nadeau and climbed right up in her lap. WE spent an hour with him before he had to reboard the plane to continue on back to Colorado. And then we made our journey home, in the snow and ice! And as usual God totally protected us and paved a safe road the whole way for us as well as Dennis. Enjoy these pics, as we eagerly await his arrival home for leave on Christmas Eve.

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