Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter storm

What Crazy weather we have had. I worked last night and when I came out to my car this morning the snow had drifted in the parking lot that it was up to my knees. I HATE driving in the snow. I slipped and slided on the way home the roads were terrible and visibility was even worse. But I made it,
So Sammy is doing his typical something is wrong with him routine. Not eating well and just generally irritable. MAtt couldn't get him to eat anything this morning but then made an egg and Sam inhaled it. Then a while later he threw up. He had four loose stools today as well. Now to some people this would not be a good thing but to me I am a little relieved because maybe this is why he had this high fever the other day. I would much rather have him have some viral gastroenteritis and get the fever, then have him have something much more serious wrong with him. WE go back to CHildren's this week so that will be good (hopefully) THe blood cultures they drew the other day they let grow for five days, so it will be torture waiting for the results of that. But everything else looks pretty okay.

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