Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, I had my 22wk prenatal visit today. Everything looks great. Our little girl is growing as she should, and so far everything is good with me. My BP is actually lower than it has been which totally makes me thrilled, now if it will stay that way for another 18wks. So anyways this morning Sammy, who had a terrible night of sleeping by the way (up 5times!!!) and I got up ate breakfast and started running our errands. He was perfectly fine. I mean besides the fact that he hasn't eaten a whole lot since the transfusion and isn't sleeping, he was happy content and active. So we went and saw the doc, then came home, he took a nap and then we had lunch. About 45minutes later he just layed down on the floor and started crying inconsolably. I picked him up and he felt so terribly hot. So I checked his temp. 104.8!!! What is up with this little guy? So I called Children's and they thought maybe it could be a reaction to the transfusion but they are unsure. The immunologist said we needed to go see our primary and he will see us next week. So we go see Dr V, who we had just seen a few hours earlier. And just as I expected she was totally baffled too. She checked all the tipical things, ears, throat, rashes, lungs, etc. She did find one lymph node that was enlarged but nothing else. And the other thing of note is that wednesday and two weeks ago he weighed 24lb, today he was 21lbs, same scale as two weeks ago.

Long story short, the immunologist requested we get some blood work done, which is such a fiasco, so we had that done, and everything that has come back so far looks pretty good. So again I wonder what is up with my little guy? Please please keep him in your prayers

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Nathali said...

That is so scary!!! He is sooo adorable though!!! I am glad your pregnancy is going well!!!!