Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our weekend away!!!

Matt and I went away for the weekend and had a wonderful time. It was an eye opening experience, as I realized that so much of my interaction has been focused on the kids. This has been something that happened so easily that I didn't even realize it. The weekend that we did is through an organization called FamilyLife and the program is called "A Weekend to Remember". We learned a lot about each other and ourselves. Check out their website: www.familylife.com
The kids stayed at my aunt and uncles and did very well. The first night Sam fell out of bed, but went right back to sleep. Sophia woke up and ended up in their bed with them. The second night both kids woke up a little I guess, and then they both were in their bed:-) But the kids had so much fun, as they took them to the park, to see the ducks, swimming etc. We are so blessed by their willingness to do this for us. My poor aunt when I spoke with her saturday morning, said that she was exhausted. And they didn't even get them until late friday afternoon:-) It is exhausting though. AND TO TOP IT OFF.... THEY SAID THAT THEY WOULD TAKE THEM AGAIN IF WE WOULD LIKE!!!!! Thank you Auntie Irene and Uncle Bud:-)
I called GI again yesterday and still have been unable to get the results of Sam's capsule study. I am trying to not get frustrated and be inpatient but I am really starting to get annoyed. They had told me that it would take about two weeks when he had it done. Thursday of this week will mark FIVE WEEKS and we still haven't heard anything at all. So please pray that we will get these results quickly.
In other news yesterday Sam had his appointment with his immunologist. All went well. His IgG levels are in a good range, his liver tests are all normal (a side affect of the IVIG can cause some elevation), he has gained some weight (32lb 10oz) and is now 39inches tall. I mentioned per DR V's request about his recent sinus infections and respiratory symptoms since the fall. He has started him on a new medication, called Flonase, to see if that will help the inflammation in his nose and sinuses. He also noticed that his tonsils are very large. He said that if the nasal congestion, and respiratory symptoms don't improve, it might be something in his adenoids and he would then want to do an x-ray to see what they are looking like. So I am praying that this flonase helps to decrease all of this irritation. He actually did allergy testing while we were there, for all the environmental allergies and everything came back negative. Praise God!!!
Off to the playground today, and praying that we hear from GI! Have a blessed day:-)

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