Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love for a very special boy...

We had the wonderful pleasure of spending a few more minutes with Auntie TeeTee and Uncle Danny again today. It feels like they have been gone forever and yet it was like they had never left. Sam was all over TeeTee and had a wonderful time playing with her, Sophia warmed up right away today.
Auntie TeeTee always called Sam "Special Sammy". She wrote this for him
"Special Sammy"

I AM: A miracle sent from God Above
I AM: A child that Jesus loves
I AM: A "special" boy that has brought his family so much joy
I AM: a boy that says his prayers and knows that Jesus is always there
I AM: a boy named Samuel who Jesus will heal
I am a son who knows Jesus is God's Son and is number one.
Love, Auntie Tee Tee

After reading this and pondering it, the one thing that sticks out the most is "I am a boy named Samuel who Jesus will heal." And so hear I am, after having a discussion with Dr V today, after having a discussion with the nurses at Mass General today, and after talking with a couple of friends, about my frustration with the lack of answers, the anxiety and fears that I have been living with and realizing that I do really just have to surrender all of this to the God I love and serve, and realize that HE truly is in control, and that He has Sam in His hands all the time.
After talking with Dr V and discussing the respiratory stuff, she seems to be swaying the same way as Dr Baxi. I repetively told her that that terrifies me, and she said she understood, and that she would be adament that if they did decide to do that that they would keep him for a week in a half or so to get past that 5-7day most typical bleeding zone. But I am just praying that all of this anxiety is over nothing and it will be nothing that we have to ever consider again.

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