Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am so so annoyed, overwhelmed and frustrated. Sammy has been doing so well the last few months! We haven't had any blood or anything concerning with his blood since the end of january. We have stopped doing the benadryl, and I was just getting to the point where I was feeling comfortable with him and not overly anxious thinking that something bad is about to happen. I had gotten to the point where I was really thinking that the benadryl was the cause and as long as we avoided it then we wouldn't have any bleeding. Well that was completely blown out of the water today! The first stool just had a little bit of streaking, but the two most recent have each consecutively had more blood:-( I am so upset and frustrated. I was really thinking that we were done with this. And here we are with blood again.
WE had IVIG today and that went well, although his vital signs were all over the place. He had high blood pressure, and low blood pressure, he had a low temp and a fever. Weird!!! His GI doctor essentially is saying lets just wait this out and see what happens. He wants him to have blood work tomorrow if he has any more bloody stools. He has gained a couple of ounces though, praise God!!! He is now 32lb 5oz:-)
So we are both worn out and exhausted, and I am just praying that God heals this little tiny boy of mine, and that there will be no more fevers, no more bleeding, and no more pain.

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