Monday, April 26, 2010

Guess who's back!?!?!?

trying to get a nice photo just doesn't work with the kids these days

Ring around the rosy, ring around the rosy

Ashes, ashes we all fall down

Sophia and Uncle Danny (I know, not the best clarity but it is better than nothing)

WE had the BEST time today visiting with our long lost Auntie TeeTee and Uncle Danny. They moved away in the fall of 2008 and haven't been back since. Prior to their departure Auntie TeeTee and NeeNee (Terry's mom) were constantly going 100% out of their way to help us in whatever way they possibly could. They absolutely enjoyed getting down and playing with the kids and the kids thoroughly enjoyed them. I have missed my friendship with Terri immensely. It was almost like they had never left, Sam just jumped right in where they had left off. Sophia was a little unsure initially (she was like 8 or 9 months old when they left) but Terri quickly won her over.
Unfortunately their visit will be short, but we are so so thankful to spend any time that we possibly can with them. WE love you so much Auntie TeeTee and Uncle Danny. And we certainly wouldn't mind if you moved back, HINT HINT!!!!
PS: We miss you so much too NeeNee and we pray for you often

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