Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a difference a year makes

We are having a relatively good week. Sammy has been fever free since friday when he was 102.9. We have been attempting potty training which is rough. It was going really well all day yesterday and then he got watery diarrhea, and well you can just imagine what happened.... Tuesday we tried again and he kept just having little dribbles, so I think I have like 10+ pairs of undies to wash. Not sure why the diarrhea, still eating relatively poorly, but continues to drink well.
He got some funky hives around his mouth today, which again I have no idea what this is from. The last time he got hives on his face, is when he became hypothermic and I am nervous that will happen again, but Praise God it hasn't as of yet.
Sophia is doing well. She truly is RUNNING now and is in to everything. She is a little climber, and is so curious. She is scary as she is just so little and thinks she can do everything that Sam can do.
We are still waiting for the info from Mass General. I called Dr V today but unfortunately she was not in. Hopefully tomorrow

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