Monday, June 22, 2009

Praying for Sammy

So afraid
Nobody knows
Infection? Maybe?
Time to restart IVIG?
Stumbling, falling, drowsy
Jittery, shaky, refusing to eat
Fussy, whiny, complaining of pain
Now questioning subclinical infection..
And then what? Antibiotics? Hospitalization
Today I am so overwhelmed, so scared, so nervous
We wait, we pray, we love him and we hug and cuddle
We watch Curious George, and Scamper the Penguin
We try to get him to eat, even just a little
We try to not let Miss Sophia bother him
WE Pray without ceasing for our boy
We let him watch TV all day long
We let him sleep in our bed
We hold him so tightly
We wait on our Lord
We give him kisses
We wait and we cry
We pray hard
We Watch
and we


tiff said...

Hugs. Biggest hugs.
I'm hoping and worrying for you.

Niki said...

Always praying for you guys! Hang in there.