Friday, June 19, 2009

Well child check up

Sophia had her fifteen month well child check up today. It went fantastic! And for the first time EVER the doctor was happy with her weight. We went from not being on the growth chart at all to being just about the 10th!!! Can you believe it? I am so thrilled and praising God. She weighs 19lbs 11oz and is 29.5 inches tall. She is running all over the place, dancing, jumping (yes JUMPING!), climbing, and generally getting into mischief. She is a happy curious little girl who loves to explore and now likes to give hugs and kisses. She still eats relatively poorly but we are slowly making progress there too. She is loving greek yogurt, blueberries, grapes, pasta and chicken. She also likes daddies homemade oatmeal, french toast, and cereal. She is saying more than 20 words already including Doctor Trish, thank you, more please, up, juice, cup, cheese, milk, momma milk, bye bye etc etc. We are just loving this beautiful little girl and are so thankful that she is finally growing well.

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