Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bows and lots of them

Don't know if you noticed but Sophia has a TON of beautiful bows. We LOVE them and I just wanted to show you some of my favorite pictures of them... My sister in law Tracy and her best friend Alison are two Christian stay at home mom's who are making bows and glorifying God at the same time. I would love for you to support them, go to their site and check them out. They make the most beautiful bows I have ever seen, and they can make them to match outfits and everything. Another cool thing is that the bows are interchangable on the headbands. You can get one head band and get several bows for the same band, if your little princess is bald like mine:-) And believe me they are fantastic. Check them out, and tell them I sent

1 comment:

kace said...

she looks so cute in all her lil bows! if i ever have a little girl, she will wear a bow every day:)