Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chronicles of Potty Training

Our potty training necessities....

A sticker chart, this is the best, Sammy gets to pick a sticker of his choice and LOVES to show everyone his chart.

A variety of stickers

Big boy underwear, we are partial to Buzz Lightyear, Cars, fireman sam, and The Incredibles

Toddler wipes (these are flushable) HE again really enjoys doing this himself.

Of course you need a potty, and yes he is sitting backwards. My friend shared this with me, as if they sit backwards they don't spray everything. Daddy will have to teach him the whole standing up thing down the road

And of course you have to have a happy and willing toddler. And he is!!! He is so proud of his big boy undies and doesn't want to wear shorts to cover them up:-)

Today is day 3 of attempt #3 to potty train Sammy. And my friend had a great piece of advice, I think I might take her up on it, her goal was to have her kids potty trained by the time they move out to go to college. I am pretty sure I can obtain that goal. Seriously this potty training stuff is rough. Today has been great with the pee, but the stool has been another whole issue....
Well anyways we woke up dry this morning!!! I was so excited, and he went to the bathroom and peed an unbelievable amount and then when he was done said "Phew that was a close one!" He is so funny. So this is what you need for potty training in my house, feel free to share with me what you need at your house, things that worked or didn't work, any and all advice is greatly desired. Thanks for your help

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kace said...

aww he sounds so funny! i have always heard boys are harder... gives me something to look forward to i guess:)