Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sammy doodle bugs

It would appear that there is something going on with Sammy. I haven't wanted to admit that there was something going on with him as this is scary to me. Now that we have taken the break from the IVIG to see how he does it is hard to even think about what could happen now. About a week and a half ago he started complaining of some belly pain,(which he often does) but this was different. It was consistent, and in the same spot each time. He really stopped eating and really started just drinking. His stools have been watery and very smelly and he has had increasing amounts of gas. Over the weekend he started running intermittent fevers, and became even more irritable. Tuesday his temp was up to 103! And he only ate one bite of yogurt that day.:-( Anyways called his primary thinking that maybe it was C. Diff again but it wasn't. She then said to get in touch with GI, but that if it wasn't better by yesterday that she would want some blood drawn. WEll I called Children's on tuesday and have yet to hear back from them, they are usually so good about getting right back to me:-( So now we wait, he just woke up a few minutes ago, and is already complaining and is laying down again on the couch:-( Please say a special prayer for him as we determine what this is, and how it needs to be treated.
We have been doing a lot of laying around and watching KidSongs, Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog.


kace said...

Such a sweet picture!! We will definitely be praying for Sammy!!

tiff said...

Thinking of you and Sammy. Hoping he is feeling better soon. Hoping that the doctors make the right decisions for you and your little man.