Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sophia's appointment

Sophia had her well child check-up today. Now her doctor is quite concerned with her growth as well. She has completely fallen off the growth chart. Looks like we will be going to see some new specialist, either GI or endocrinologist. We did some bloodwork today and will now also be doing some different nutritional supplements. Drum roll please.... she is 14lb 6oz and 27inches long. She has grown two inches, but is not gaining well. And actually two weeks ago when she was sick she weighed 14lb 11oz, so she has lost weight:-(
And actually her little friend Analia picture here was born 17wks early, and weighed less than two pounds at birth. Her corrected age is the same age as Sophia and she is over sixteen pounds. So please pray for Sophia, for her to start growing and eating well. For there to be no need to go see more specialists.
Oh and please pray that this crazy storm we are supposed to get tomorrow which is supposed to dump somewhere around a foot of snow on us won't knock out the power again.

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