Friday, December 26, 2008

The Days leading up to Christmas

Another thing that is so special to me at Christmas is the Christmas Eve service at our church. This year was quite difficult as we were all wishing that we had little RJ with us. Mom had gotten all of the kids really cute outfits and we had so much fun getting them all to match. We wanted to get their pictures done together and had held off waiting for RJ. So these pictures are a sad reminder that he is not with us, but that he is with our Savior which is reason to celebrate. Please continue to pray for Denise and Ron and the family as this has been so heartbreaking.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is having a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve. These pictures are from the party.

Nicole and Sophia

Ron and Dasanee

Davion and Sophia

Daddy and Sophia

Sammy and Meme'

Sophia (9months) and Roman (7 months). Yeah I guess she is really little

Dj drove up from Florida so it has been great getting to spend time with him. It is so hard growing up sometimes. I love when all six of my siblings and I can be together. And I especially love my kids being able to spend time with them

Uncle DJ and Uncle Dennis spending time with the little ones

Miss Lillian

The finished products, complete with plates that Owen wanted to give to his friends. He gave Sam the monkey and Sam LOVES it!!!

John- the big boy of the bunch


My little princess sleeping with Myriah

Just hanging out and having a great time

Sammy doodle bugs

Owen working so hard

The whole crew

The Friday before Christmas we went to my friend Myriah's and had a Christmas party for the kids. We made those cute little cinnamon ornaments with the kids. They all had a blast. Owen rolled his out with his elbow and grunted because he was working so hard. Sam made all of his ornaments and then proceeded to squish them all back together. Silly kid

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