Friday, December 26, 2008


A picture of the four of us

This year was kind of different for us as Matt and I were both schedule to work the night shift on Christmas Eve. Thankfully we were able to invade mom's and she agreed to watch the kids for us. The wonderful thing is that I ended up not having to go into the hospital. So Sam, Sophia and I slept at my mom's and then Matt joined us in the morning after work. These are just some random shots from Christmas morning. Sam got one of those little battery powered four wheelers from my parents that was quite the hit. He even let Sophia have a ride:-) Sam was thrilled with his gifts. He loved the new books he got and the DVDs and of course the toys. Thank you everyone for your generosity to the kids. Sophia got some new toys but of course was very intersted in the wrappings instead.

Aunti Deanna loves me

Drive carefully big brother

Sophia's baby

Chef Samuel- doesn't he look so cute? I know I know he will probably hate me for this when he is grown but I can't help it.

After we left my parents we headed over to Matt's aunt and uncles house for Christmas dinner. Which by the way was delicious:-) Thanks for hosting Uncle Jay and Auntie Colleen. Sadly Auntie TeeTee and Uncle Danny and NeeNee were not there and were very missed. It certainly didn't seem quite the same without them. We are so thankful that they have made it out to Oregon safely, but we sure wish they would come back soon.:-) When Sammy sees their son Chris he always then asks to go to Auntie TeeTee's house, because he just doesn't understant. Poor guy. WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH Auntie Terri and Uncle Danny (and NeeNee too)

Mom got Sam these great pajamas that say "What Santa doesn't bring me Grandma will" and as you can see Sam liked modeling them.

Just relaxing with Chris

Sam got a medical kit for Christmas and was taking care of Naomi

Getting some loving from Papa

Cuddling with Grandma

Hanging out with Chris. She loved sitting with him and spent quite a bit of time with him and even took a long nap.

The Newlyweds, Nathan and Nicole

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