Monday, December 29, 2008

Do you think we're related?

Sammy: december 2006 5months old

Sophia: december 2008 9months old

Isn't that crazy? When I pulled out Christmas clothes, I realized that Sophia was tiny enough that she could probably wear some of the stuff Sammy wore. And then I took these pictures of her and was reminded of Sam when I saw them. We go get Sophia checked tomorrow nutritionally so please keep her in your prayers. If the scale is correct at home (we used the same one last week) she has lost some more weight. I am totally anxious about this. I have actually been trying to force her to take the bottle this past week or so with formula thinking that that would give her some more calories but if she has indeed lost more weight then I am not sure what the plan will be.
Sam seems to still be feeling under the weather. Matt and I were debating calling the doctor again today as he seemed like he was a little better then got worse. Maybe we will call tomorrow just to touch base. He doesn't want to eat much at all and has just been very sluggish, pale, complaining of random things hurting etc


MaryBeth said...

I hope your two (who look almost identical in these Christmas jammy pictures) are both feeling much better very soon. Praying for you all!

It looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you peace and good health for 2009.

23wktwinsmommy said...

I hope Sophia begins eating better and you don't have to stress!

They are so cute and look so much alike!!!!