Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sammy is sick

Well my darling little boy is sick. We are praying that it is nothing but we shall see. Unfortunately tomorrow (sunday) makes two weeks since he started complaining that his belly hurt, and that he has been having loose stools, with one time seeming to be bloody. Well today he has started running a fever. I know not the end of the world, but with Sammy you just never know what it is going to lead to. So please pray for him. He was so cute today, but it was breaking my heart. I was nursing Sophia and Sammy kept asking me to hold him. So I had him sit on my lap and held him with one arm. He said "Mommy hold me with two hands, mommy hug me with two hands." He didn't want me to be holding her and him at the same time and he wanted to be cuddled almost constantly.
In other news we had another showing of the house. WE are so ready to sell this place and get something bigger. We are praying for a quick sale and for them to offer what we are asking.
Sophia is doing well. She is super clingy to me too. It is getting to be very difficult with her. She just wants me and I can't always be the only one to hold her.

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Niki said...

Mommies need more arms!! I hope Sammy feels better soon!!