Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas photo shoot

Here is our attempts at a nice photo for cards. You know how it goes, one isn't looking one is pouting etc etc. I think they are cute, but it is certainly disappointing to not have a great one of the two of them. My friend Shannon took the dressy ones. There are some great shots but not really of them smiling. I was so excited to get these done. I was disappointed that the kids were crabby, and didn't want to smile, but even the pout is kind of cute I think:-)
Sophia still got a few hives today, but I think the reaction is finally fizzling out. Our doctor called last night to check on her and see how she was. How nice is that? She calls in her spare time off to check on my kids. Again I feel truly blessed. Oh please say a prayer for my friend and her son, they think that her son Tristan may have the same deficiency that Sammy does. Weird that we know each other and we have been going through all of this with Sam. Maybe God put us on the path to friendship so that we can be supportive of each other and our kids.


mabutlaleb said...

Your truly are blessed! May God continue to be with your family and help your children to be healthy through out 2009! Our thoughts are with you! Btw cute pics!

Nathali said...

I think all the pictures look great!! You just have adorable kids :)