Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wedding Day!!

Today is my brother DJ's wedding. He is marrying a beautiful girl named Lyndsea and we are so happy for them. We are in YBor City a historical distric in Tampa Florida. We have beautiful day and we are so thankful.
Sam is the ring bearer for the wedding and looks so handsome:-) He has been such a trooper this week, although the later nights and the constant business seems to be wearing him out a little. He still seeems to be feeling ok, just dragging a little and is getting the paleness and the bags under his eyes, which he gets prior to getting sick or to let us know he needs his IVIG again. He is due this week, so I am praying that it is just that, and that he isn't getting sick.
Sophia is doing well, and is just thriving with all of the business around, she is getting so big and talking so well. We went to DJ and Lyndsea's church this morning and the children's workers could not believe how well she spoke. Little smartie:-)
Watching Sammy sleeping beside me right now, brings such a smile to my heart. Oh how I love this little boy:-)

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tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Hoping he stays well for you.