Sunday, November 22, 2009


After a fantastic vacation we came home on tuesday, had IVIG on wednesday and have just had a whirlwind of a few days. The IVIG went very well. We had a great nurse who got the IV on the first try, and we switched to the new product. Since we switched to the product, they had to run it much more slowly than the previous product. So we got to do lots of fun projects and the nurses were a blast. They all are so good to us, even when they aren't our nurse for the day. One nurse who we really haven't had in quite a while always comes and talks with Sam, well this day we had been watching The Lion King. Not sure if you are familiar with the movie, but in the movie, Simba's mom licks his head and makes his mane stand up. Sam requested that this nurse lick his head. And much to his sheer delight she pretended that she did. She wet her hands, and had him close his eyes as she ran her hands over his head, all the while making slurping sounds. They are truly so good to us at Children's.
These last few pics are the pictures from the plane ride home. The kids fell asleep even before we took off, and slept for about two hours. How blessed am I?:-)

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