Friday, November 27, 2009


I hate it when I have a conversation with the doctor that makes me more anxious about what is going to happen next!!!
I talked with Dr V today and we were talking about Sam having a bloody stool today, and a fever. Now if he has that von Willebrand's disease I would not be able to give him motrin, so I was asking her questions about that. It then led into her telling me that one of his other blood tests back. She said it was abnormal and that we would definitely be going back to Childrens. My comment was "Oh are the results leading you more toward thinking it is the von Willebrand's disease?" Her response was "I don't want to say anything else until we have the rest of the tests back." So does that mean there is something else that is concerning her? Is it worse than she was expecting? Yikes, just a little bit anxious tonight as I have listened to him say all day that he doesn't feel very well and be very irritable and fussy. I know that God knows, and that He will bring us through, but it is the not knowing that is so hard.... Please continue to pray for my boy. Thanks!!!

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♥Jess♥ said...

I know it's easier said than done... BUT try not to worry. It sounds like they don't want you worrying until they get all the results. She probably knows it's abnormal but not what was abnormal about it. I know at our hospital we can get an abnormal result but we have to do further testing on that blood to find out 100% what it was that was abnormal. (((HUGS)))