Thursday, September 27, 2007

IV rehydration take one

Well don't I feel a little silly. Even though I have felt like crap all week, and was puking quite a bit with a migraine on top of it, I felt like I was okay for the most part with the hyrdration part of things. I guess not. I called the doctor yesterday morning and she wanted to see me, as it was my second/third day with a migraine and vomiting. So my brother in law drove me because my head was pounding, and the Dr said I think your a little dry. Lets give you a liter of fluid and see if that helps. Well 7 IV attempts later (with two ICU nurses and finally a doctor) they finally got a little tiny IV in because my veins were all collapsing from being dehydrated. So anyways they give me a liter of fluid, and I still couldn't pee, and then another and still couldn't pee, and then a third and I finally went the tiniest little bit. THey let me come home, only to say that if I threw up again ( which I did almost as soon as I cam home) that I would have to return today. So now I am waiting for 9 am to role around so I can call the doc and see what the plan is for today.

I feel like I haven't seen Sam all week. Thank goodness for Grandmothers. Matt's mom and mine each have watched him this week and will probably again today. I still have the IV in, because they didn't want to risk sticking me a million and one times again today, I guess that is the benefit to being a nurse.

Sammy is doing so good. And guess what?!?!?! He slept all the way through the night last night. I can't believe it. It has happened sporadically but it was nice that it was last night when i am not quite feelign up to my normal routine.

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