Monday, September 24, 2007

A fun day

Well today we had plans to go to the Davis Farmland, had the thought to call first and found out that they will closed, then we decided to go to the Acton Children's Discovery Museum. So we all treck down there only to find out that they are closed for renovations. Hmmm, what to do with six kids all under 3? We took them all to McDonalds (crazy right) and then we went to this awesome park that is specifically for kids under five. IT was wonderful and the kids had a blast.
Sammy 's face is healing nicely. He is running now, and falling less. He is getting to be so independant, and even tried doing stairs by himself.
I am feeling crappy as usual. Today I have only vomited twice which is an improvemnt but still leaves me quite exhausted.
I will post pics tomorrow.

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23wktwins'mommy said...

Oh to be pregnant with a toddler...God bless you! So exciting to see the countdown for baby #2!