Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rain rain go away

I feel like we have been cooped up forever! The kids are so cute, they keep syaing that it is going to rain for "40 days and 40 nights", I am so glad that they are remember their Bible stories and applying them to real life. I am obviously praying that we don't have rain for that long. A day or two here or there is not too big of a deal but a week on end, it is getting a little old.
We are doing well. I am so so thankful that Sam's burns are healing nicely. The blisters are still closed and I am of course praying that they stay that way. We will have to be extra careful if they do break open, as his infection risk is higher than normal. But so far so good, and he is doing really well with being careful of them.
I will be 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow! This little munchkin is growing and I feel like I am huge! I love it though! I am praying that the baby continues to grow really well and that I can make it to term this time. I love being pregnant and the miracle that God allows me to partake in, but my physical body doesn't like it at all.
We have a busy couple of days with four parties to go to this weekend. I will try to post some pics of this week tomorrow before the craziness of the weekend. Hoping and praying that you have a blessed day

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